It’s time Arsene….

So this is how my last blog ended:

“Now I’ve never wanted any manager out of my club and I will never demand change. I do though understand people’s frustrations. For those that have demanded change before, are doing so now, and always will when things aren’t tickety boo, show a touch of the Arsenal class and do it at a time that’s not detrimental to our season. Perhaps when there really is nothing left to play for.”

Hmmmm. Very little Arsenal class shown since, and detrimental it certainly has been (“That’s because we’ve got a fraud of a manager who is destroying us you f###ing c##t. And you’re making it worse by not demanding he leaves. Give me my f###ing club back before we’re relegated. C##t!”).

Where was I? Oh yes. It’s time Arsene.

What has become apparent is that the minority is becoming a vicious vocal minority that is growing in numbers. I doubt very much it would be growing had our form on the pitch not been so rotten, but rotten it has been and now we have a problem off the pitch that needs addressing.

So it’s time Arsene to announce your decision.

If you have decided to leave you will leave a hero to the 99.99% of fans who will always respect, admire and thank you for what you have done. The other 0.01% are…well we all know what they are. But if you have decided to leave, the decision needs to be announced now.

If you have decided to stay….then my man, you have balls bigger than King Kong (cheers Black Grape). Serious kahunas! It will undoubtedly split opinion but will gain massive respect, even from some of your biggest detractors. But if you have decided to stay, the decision needs to be announced now.

There is now no reason to delay the announcement. If you’re going, the fan unrest will quickly disappear. The 0.01% will claim victory, the 99.99% will close ranks on them and you’ll get the great send-off you deserve.

If you’re staying….wowzers! But the announcement will kill the momentum being built up by these idiots. What could they possibly protest against if you’re staying? It will die a death. If the spoilt brats want to continue marching they are likely to aim their disgusting vitriol at the Board and less so at you. Let them. You’ve protected them for far too long. The media will have a couple of weeks of fun and will then get very bored very quickly and turn their attentions to someone else.

Delaying the announcement will just make everything worse. There is not a good time to do it. But this is the best time. The madness needs to end now before the vicious vocal minority becomes more vicious and more vocal. It’s not pleasant being an Arsenal fan at the moment so please do your bit to quell the discontent. Enough is enough. Arsenal Football Club needs to restore its pride and its harmony and the sooner the better.

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