Team Dynamics.

Yesterdays result at Chelsea has once again brought out the opinion bucket for us all to fish about in and pull out a couple of ripe ones.

I, of course, was just as disappointed with yesterdays result, especially as the same team literally destroyed Chelsea at ours earlier in the season.

So what gives? What is the cause for our current slump, as like many, I’m certainly flummoxed as to the reasons behind Arsenals recent drop in form and consistency.

The media which we love, are of course slinging the usual lines of Ozil this, Sanchez that, attitudes this, contracts that, and we all dance merrily along with their speculation and sensation.

The truth is of course, that none of us –  save the coaching staff at Arsenal or those close to the players – have any scooby about what is going on, and we find that incredibly frustrating as we scratch about, desperate to find an excuse for our beloved sides sudden shitness.

And it is that isn’t it. Shitness. Especially when compared to the beautiful football we were playing back in October.

All we can do is observe, and like the media, speculate, imagine and fictionalise what we think is going on.

I try and avoid the media’s incessant trolling of Arsenal, the freakish negative light in which our team and player are frequently painted bugs the hell out of me, as I am convinced that what they say is rubbish.

All media channels are of course driven by an inherent need to summon views and readers to their platforms, and the sensational line does work incredibly efficiently, but the recent mockery and playground comments from certain “respected journalist” is making this line of story telling a laughing stock. It really is pathetic.

So I try and look outside of MOTD and the papers to situations I’ve been in myself and think about how or why the Arsenal are suddenly playing so poorly.

The Gunners talent is blatant…so why won’t it gel and get off it’s arse?

Ignoring all the stories you hear about contracts, tax evasion and higher wages; I think about how the players are reacting on the pitch.

When the TV commentators see Ozils head drops, it’s portrayed as a lack of effort.

When Alexis stamps and flaps like he did yesterday at about 10mins…it’s passion and a great leader trying in vain to rally the troops.

I’m not so sure.

Both of these guys are very different in their traits; and due to the materialistic nature of our society, the cost will always govern the pointing of the spotlight.

I love all our players, becuase they wear the right colours regardless of their cost, position or performance.

But I actually believe that the exuberance and selfish passion of Alexis could very well be unsettling the team dynamic.

His desperation and impatience to do well, is causing more trouble for the rest of the squad, and this is having a hugely detrimental effect on not only the performances, but also the relationships between players both on and off the pitch.

On the training pitch, they boys learn to play that fast passing, Wengerball which is poetry in motion when we see it…but it only takes one player to stray from the plan and it won’t work. One player not on the pace, or with suffering from moment of selfishness…

Of course, like the media I am 100% speculating, but with good reason;

A couple of years ago, I used to play 5-a-side with a regular bunch, and most got along well. Sides were often mixed up at the beginning of the match and you usually played pretty consistently with whichever team you were playing with, after all, we played every week, so some understanding between players built up.

We weren’t coached, but obviously found the more you play with folks, the more you understand their ability.

One guy, everyone hated playing with. Why, because he was the worst footballer on the pitch.

Incredibly skillful, but shockingly bad at the team game, so much so that players would actually turn up with two tops, as to change once they found out what our man was wearing.

Alexis’ reaction yesterday, berating his teammates for not passing to him in the first 10 minutes, reminded me of this player…different levels of course, but of a similar disposition;

Didn’t get the ball, gets has a flap…gets that ball, trying to do everything himself, looses the ball, team gets cross…rinse and repeat…eventually the team just didn’t pass to him, so it’s like playing a man down.

His reaction to mistakes, bad passes not getting the ball and missed chances was very much over the top…and after a few games of carrying a player like that, it started to grate with everyone.

So why do people always make Ozil the scapegoat? He’s an easy target and not what people associate with being a leader. He’s subdued, respectful and doesn’t stamp his feet. He is however a winner, who plays a game that I’m not so sure many actually understand, including his own team at times.

How to solve the problem?

I think the key here is to get the lads playing as a team again, to get them playing with each other.

They need to understand each other game, and play to their strengths rather that let them improvise, which is apparently one of Wengers styles .

Arsene had them doing it at the beginning of the season, and I’m sure he’ll get them back on track pretty soon.

I am pretty certain though that all the medias sanctimonious drivel that drives the critique and finger pointing toward our team is not what goes on behind the scenes.

These guys are professional footballers, and to to even be considered at the level they play at requires a certain aptitude and understanding. They are well versed in what they need to do to win games, and that why I believe that the character in the team running riot is doing more harm that good.

Footballers may not speak intelligently, but when it comes to playing football, the vast majority are far superior than you, I or some jumped up journalists observations.

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