24 games in….

So let’s take stock of where we are.

Most fans would have expected us to be in the top 6 and probably to have a similar points tally to what we currently have. Most fans would have expected all the other ‘Big 6’ teams to be up there with us. Most fans would also have expected us to be successfully through the group stages of the Champions League (probably to face Bayern or Barca), in the 5th round of the FA Cup and out of the League Cup. It’s not difficult to predict these things, it’s what we do.

Many fans would have predicted City and Utd to run away with it. Or that Liverpool or Chelsea would run them close given their easy fixture schedules. Many fans would have feared that our long running top 4 place was finally coming to an end. How could any other team possibly be in the mix?

Most fans though wouldn’t have predicted Chelsea’s dominance and for them to be so far clear of the pack. Most fans wouldn’t have predicted a poor offering from the Manchester clubs with their new managers and open cheque books, or from a revitalised Liverpool under Klopp. Most fans wouldn’t have expected ‘that lot from down the road’ to have another good season despite a very good squad and the makings of a very good manager.

So given most people’s expectations have been largely met why is everyone so bloody miserable? We’ve scored a ton more goals than last year, we’ve dished out the usual hidings to a few teams, we topped the Champions League group and we’ve got a plum draw against lowly Sutton in the FA Cup. Yes the league looks beyond us (Chelsea have killed everyone’s hopes!) and yes there have been some under-par performances but there’s still 14 more league games left to enjoy rather than endure…..

The problem is that certain factions of our fans, led by some really sad individuals who claim to be supporters of our great and classy Football Club have a sense of entitlement that tell us we’re not allowed to enjoy football any more unless we actually win a trophy. Not just a trophy, but a ‘BIG’ trophy. You know the trophies – the ones we are never even close to being favourites to win at the start of the season because of the sheer might of those we’re up against.

These same ‘fans’ who enjoy spreading their vitriol during the season, before anything is lost, abusing players and management alike for their own amusement and fame. Hungry social media whores who would sell their mum for 100 new followers ahead of any Arsenal success and who are being fed big dollops of bullshit on a very regular basis by the most focused and targeted media agenda I have ever seen towards a club and manager.

Now I’ve never wanted any manager out of my club and I will never demand change. I do though understand people’s frustrations. For those that have demanded change before, are doing so now, and always will when things aren’t tickety boo, show a touch of the Arsenal class and do it at a time that’s not detrimental to our season. Perhaps when there really is nothing left to play for.

Until then, get behind the team and try and enjoy it. Or better still, stay away altogether.


Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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