Just 5 more goals

I think I’ve said what I am about to say before,but in light of all the speculation and the recent rumours of us actually paying real cash money for a player from another club, I thought I would reiterate.

Arsenal don’t need any midfielders, defenders or forward players.

Arsenal need to score more goals.

Last season was our best performance in the league for several seasons and despite of what the nay-sayers nay about, we finished second to a very well drilled and in form Leicester City.

We all know this, what’s my point?

Ive done a bit of digging about in the statistical worlds, and without going too google on you all, i would like to present n argument that I believe can see Arsenal rise to the heady heights of championship glory once again.

But here’s the rub…we need five goals.

Let me explain.

Last season, Arsenal scored a total of 65 league goals. Not too bad when you consider that Leicester who finished one place above us scored 68.

Our goal difference was 36. Third in league table of meanest defences, behind Spurs and United, both of whom we beat in the final standings. Leicester, the champions, also let in 36 goals.

So you could say, they beat us by 3 goals. Actually they beat us by 5.

Don’t talk crap mate…

Wait a second…I haven’t finished.

Last season Arsenal performed 379 fewer defensive actions that Leicester, crafted 78 more chances than Leicester and had a greater shot accuracy than Leicester with the formidable partnership of Vardy and Mahrez. 52% to the Foxes 45%.

Even so the champions still beat us by 3 goals and the eventual 10 points.

Statistically, we played better than Leicester throughout the season and still ended up behind them. Believe it or not, there were teams that performed even better than us, and finished even lower down the table. *cough*

The key to all this jibberish is 5 goals.

The 2015/16 season was a bit of a low from Arsenal in terms of team goalscoring especially with the likes of Mesut Ozil having a hard-on for helping his team mates into promising positions.

That sounds so wrong…but he really was incredible in terms of chances created. As we all know, 144 in 38 games. Unreal. 19 of those were converted.

That’s only 13%.

Giroud had 101 attempts at goal over the course of the season and he missed the target with half of them (54% accuracy).

So did Jamie Vardy (115 at 57%). Alexis was of similar statistics, albeit he played in less games than big Oli (30 game to 38).

Arsenals players are comparable with everyone elses, especially the champions. Teams that finished below us had players who out performed our own by miles, yet they still finished below us.

So how do we step up the podium?

Score five more goals is the simple answer.

Arsenal had 3 players in the top 50 goal scorers of the Premier league, Giroud(16), Sanchez(10) and Ozil(6) netting only 32 times.

In 2014/15 season, we had 4 players – Sanchez(16), Giroud(14), Cazorla(7) and Ramsey(6), and between them they scored a huge 43 strikes…11 more than in 2015/16 and we finished the league lower in 3rd, a huge 12 points from first.

In 2013/14 we had only 3 in the top 50, yet they managed to hit a total of 34 strikes. Giroud(16), Ramsey(10) and Podolski(8) – again that’s 2 goals more yet we finished lower still in 4th, but only 7 points from the champions.

You’ll agree all this makes little sense, there’s no patterns, no predictability and no real consistency.

So why 5 goals?

Well, if you look across our squad, we have more than enough capability to bag ourselves 5 additional strikes per season, and those 5 extra strikes would be enough to seal the points to see us climb to the top of the table, especially in games we have drawn.

Last season for instance, one extra goal against Tottenham (twice), Stoke, Southampton, and Norwich would have given us an extra 10 points to our total.

We would have won the league by 2 goals.

The season before, scoring an extra 5 goals could have seen us win the league by a point had we put one more effort past Chelsea, Sunderland, Hull, Leicester and United at home.

In 2014/13, 5 more goals could have theoretically have secured the title from us by 3 points having beaten Chelsea, United, West Brom, Swansea and Everton by a goal, despite City scoring an insane 100+ strikes.

Five more goals isn’t much, it is in fact a few centimetres or a good contact on just 5 more of those 144 chances Maestro Ozil created for his Arsenal team mates last season.

What we need to do is will those 5 efforts in to the onion bag. Confidence is key.

Then we can all be ‘king happy.

Come on you gunners!

Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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