Hopes for the new season…

I looking forward to the return of the football season. In fact I can’t wait. Match of The Day, BT Sport, Radio 5 Live, 606, but most of all, I’m looking forward to the Arsenal playing again.

This summer has witnessed another grand display of pessimism against our beloved club, in the mainstream media, on social media and between friends. I’m tried of all that. It’s getting really dull and it’s spoiling the fun that I used to love about the football season.

For me, football, and Arsenal is all about hope.

Hoping that you win. Hoping that your favourite player scores. Hoping the team win a trophy. Hoping that every goal is like that one against Norwich.

Football isn’t about expectation. Expectations ruin the fun. Football is about anticipation and optimism.

I love the anticipation of the first day of the season.

I love the build up to it, the sadness at seeing players leave and the memories I have…once Arsenal, always Arsenal…but I get over it quickly as there are new signings to fill the gaps. I hope they do well and become the next heros.

I love how other fans consistently try and out do us with bravado. So-and-so is better, better passer, better in the air, safe pair of hands, scores more goals, has neater hair…whatever.

Sadly these days it’s all about money to most, and dollar value indicates ability. Individuals never beat a team, and Nobody is better than the Arsenal in my opinion.

All this is what I enjoy about the Arsenal and it’ll never change.

I love the uncertainty of going one down, the willing in an equaliser.

I love the frustration of Girouds misses, and how I cheer every chance he gets. I reacted the same for Charlie Nicholas, Tony Woodcock, Ian Wright, Alan Smith and Martin Hayes, albeit I was younger.

I love hearing the singing in the stadium. I don’t know why, but it’s glorious. The harmonious roar of 60,000 all about the team we love. A beautiful sound.


I don’t think I’m alone in that regard.

I love the walk up to the stadium on a cold winters afternoonor evening, wrapped up warm and ready for the 90 minutes of emotion. The hubbub before kickoff and the union of applause, the oohs and ahhs through out.

Happy, dejected, annoyed, amused, bemused, elation, dejection, elation, satisfaction. Hopefully.

I’m dissapointed if I don’t get to see the players walk out, and I always stay to applaud them off.

I love the banter, the conversations and the armchair comments. I love a good chat about the last game and looking forward to the next one.

I love the opinions and discussions about the players, ale in hand, how would you play the ball, he should have been here, they should have done better…nobody knows the answers, but it helps us feel part of it.

I love driving along in the car, listening intently for the excitement in Jonathon Pearces voice, or walking home in the rain on a Tuesday, headphones on. I’m soaked but that’s ok, because the Arsenal are playing in Europe away and I’m hoping for a good result.

For me that’s the beauty of football, and the beauty of supporting Arsenal.

I love the excitement, the anticipation and the hope. I love how that hope never goes away, season upon season, regardless.

I can’t explain that, just like I can’t explain why I support Arsenal. I just do.

I hope that you get a bit of what I’m going on about too, because in my opinon, that’s what Arsenal is all about.

If not, then I hope that one day you do. You’re seriously missing out.

Here’s to Arsenal having a cracking season.


Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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  1. Outrageous – the notion of ‘enjoying’ Arsenal, or football in any form, is perverse.

    Seek medical advice, and be quick about it.

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