I support Arsenal but…..

I recently said that supporting a club should be without conditions or strings attached but I am constantly hearing things along the line of:

I support Arsenal but I want them to spend more money

I support Arsenal but I want them to sign ‘X’ Player

I support Arsenal but I don’t support Arsene Wenger.

I support Arsenal but we should sack Kroenke/Gazidis/get Usmanov.

and so many more, maybe not in those words and often not so nicely put. Now its O.K to express an opinion but you must acknowledge that we as fans have limited knowledge compared to those with extensive football experience.

However, you should support your team unconditionally, otherwise you aren’t supporting them at all. You can’t run around demanding the club signs players, reduces ticket prices or anything else. You don’t have the right.

Well I hear you say I buy match day tickets & merchandise, doesn’t that give me a say? No, quite frankly, it doesn’t. You choose to spend the money on that, football is entertainment. Whilst we care about it more than any other form of entertainment, it still has to be treated as such. You wouldn’t go to see a film, hate the ending and then demand that the ending be changed to your liking because you bought a ticket for the film.

I understand the emotional connection to football, probably more than most, but that doesn’t give us a say in how the club should be run or managed or anything. We are fans and fans are supposed to support the club without conditions. My support of the club and manager is not dependent on us buying certain players, spending a certain amount of money or picking a particular player in a specific position. Neither should yours.

Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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  1. Very well put – I couldn’t agree more. All the club owes you if you buy a match ticket is 90 minutes of football in a safe environment. Nothing else. Not an entertaining ninety minutes not a certain style of play nor a victory. You buy the right to watch the game. That’s it. People need to lose their inflated sense of themselves and their entitlement.

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