Disappointed…but get a grip.

I was incensed by the reaction to Arsenal’s defeat in Croatia last night. It would appear that Arsenal are supported by a bunch of whining babies, and it’s getting worse.

No I didn’t watch all the game, before you start balling for not being a proper fan, I only managed to catch the second half, and if I am honest, I didn’t think we played to badly, all things considered.

Yes, I thought Giroud was pretty stupid, and of course, we most certainly were not at our Aston Villa destroying best, but up against a team that hasn’t been beaten in 40 or so games, and with 10 men, we didn’t play too badly.

So why the ridiculous reaction from our fans?

I can see why the media do it; for readers and traffic.

They make money from our responses and reactions to sensational news stories, and we fall for it every time – but the overwhelming reaction to last night defeat was, simply pathetic.

We’ve played 6 games. Six! and it’s still September. SEPTEMBER!

At this rate, you’ll be moaning about the players we haven’t bought and how they are performing in 2017 by Christmas!

It makes me wonder what being a football fan really is about for some people.

When I was a kid, it used to be about pride, belonging and getting one over on your mates.

Who’s team won the cup, whose team won the league, and who’s team scored the best goal on Match of The Day.

We used to try and emulate the crackers we had seen on TV the night before down the local park.

Sure there was ridicule and mockery if you team lost to your buddies, or if a player had had a bad game, but that was all part of the fun…what goes around, come around and all that, you looked to the next week and had another go.

Fans these days take it waaaaay to seriously.

What could be more important that a Champions League loss to Dinamo Zagreb?

You would think absolutely nothing.

If Arsenal’s results are the be-all and end all of your petty life then you need to get out and meet some people.

Should Arsenal’s loss warrant death threats or wishing pain and suffering on a person?

No. Never in a million years.

So what in the purple fuck compels football fans – specifically Arsenal football fans in this case – to deride and abuse a team they supposedly love, on the back of one off-key performance?

A team that has only recently won back-to-back national trophies, spent millions on incredible players and has played some of the most beautiful football you can buy a ticket to watch?

A team that has in it’s history, been one of the most successful in the world, never mind the country.

What gives?

Sure it’s frustrating that they didn’t win, but tomorrow is another day.

I have my theories on why this happens so often, and it’s not helped by the media that we use to keep in contact with our teams.

Manipulation by the media has a tendency to sway the opinion of the masses, and unfortunately, when the media jump on a band wagon, that wagon gains some particularly fierce momentum.

For example, the media have been on the back of Arsene Wenger for several years.

Why? Is it because he is shit at his job? Is it because he is politically incorrect? Or perhaps he is resented for…well…umm …ahhh this beats the shit out of me.

I am totally flummoxed by it.

I hope I’m not the only one who gets incredibly confused by the attitudes toward the team I support, and I’m getting seriously fed up with the mindless negativity that surrounds our club.

I’m pretty certain that a few wise-ass tooth-sharing dumb-bums will respond to this post too, with the usual hate and rhetoric.

You’re a Wenger lover…spineless drone, you’re happy with mediocrity blahh blahhh”

Oh do fuck off and change your record!

If you’re so sure that Arsenal are in a bad place, then here’s a challenge for all you so called Arsenal aficionados;

I challenge you to write about your hate for Arsene Wenger, and justify your stance. Explain to me and all the others what he has done that warrants such over-the-top dissatisfaction.

I challenge you to justify that abuse and hate you dish out on so many occasions to the players and club that you supposedly support and tell me why they deserve it.

And most of all, I challenge you to justify your interpretation of your support for the club you call home.

Support being the operative word there.

And you know what – if you can write a compelling piece made up of a variety or words, some of which might be longer than 2 syllables, I’ll post it here on my blog for all to see and sing your praises.

Hell, I might even join your cause, because here’s the thing;

I don’t think any of you naysayers will be able to produce a solid, original argument. Not one of you.

You’ll just regurgitate what the media have told you to.

Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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