Sloppy first half.

Arsenal have just beaten Aston Villa by five goals to nil with an emphatic display in a game of football that didn’t flatter the host at all. It could have been a far bigger scoreline.

In case you didn’t know, this was Arsenal’s 5 win on the trot in both league and cup. It was also the first time we have put 5 past the opposition in 2 years. ( I think 5-3 against Newcastle was the last, but correct me if I am wrong)

We bagged another clean sheet and got through the game without any injury concerns.

All in all, it was a fantastic performance. A performance that certain fans have been clamoring for for months.

Theo Walcott is back on the pitch and looking spritely.

Mesut Özil, our £42 million pound flop managed a couple of fluky touches and undeservedly looked good on the pitch (that is written with a cheek full of tongue for those that think I am serious ) and some of our younger players are coming up thorough the ranks to real effect, to provide that solidity, resilience and depth.

And we made a couple of fine signings in the January window. That hasn’t happened for what seems like ages, and players like Santi Cazorla have to be extinguished after each game, because he is on fire!

If you disagree with my next statement, then as an Arsenal fan, there is something fundamentally wrong with your perception of football and our teams most recent performances;

Arsenal are on the up.

The confidence is building and we are in a very, very handsome position for the remainder of the season, in all competitions.

So after a 5-0 win, you would think that it is time to rejoice. To sit back and smell the scent of an overwhelming victory and being 6 points off Citeh in 2nd place.

Personally, I am brimming with pleasure at today’s, and the last 5 performances, and judging by the vast majority of fans on the twittersphere, so was everybody. Happy days.

So why would you write this:


Specifically, I am referring to the first part of that tweet;

Sloppy first half..

That incensed me, and the floor is now swamped with toys.

After listening to my team on Arsenal Player (no I didn’t get to watch this match) literally ‘Shit on the Villa’, why would anyone be bothered about a “sloppy first half” in which we scored a goal, hit the post and had two good efforts well saved?

Did Villa score? No.

Did Villa hit the post? No.

Did Villa have one shot on target which was saved comfortable by our fantastic Colombian between the sticks? Yes.

So how on earth was the first half sloppy on our part?

If we had scored 5 in the first half, but zero goals in the second half, would the second half have been sloppy, or would it have been a solid performance to retain our advantage?

If you were to look at the statistics for the game – during the first half, the only significant area that Villa were actually up on Arsenal, was passing accuracy – Villa at 83% to Arsenal’s 79%.

Villa also won more tackles (53% to 27% success) made two more clearances than Arsenal (15-13) and 4 more blocks (8-4). Stats from

All things considered, especially as Arsenal went in at half time a goal to the good, how can it be a sloppy half?

Perhaps Aston Villa played a better game in the first half and Arsenal worked them out in the second…working something out takes time and tactics…perhaps that what they did?

Nah, this is Arsenal, and Wenger doesn’t do tactics.

Oh wait… Alexis Sanchez told the team how he wanted them to play at half time and gave them an elixir of his blood, piss and Chilean Lucozade to drink, empowering the team to go on a score a further 4 goals, after all we are a one man team…

Or perhaps it was Thierry Henry in the crowd, beaming power lasers out of his eyes at the players on the pitch, giving them sight beyond sight and enabling them to go on and play wonderful total football, just like he did in the 3-0 victory over Stoke the other week?

(Believe it or not, there was an Arsenal fan that called into BBCs 606 with that theory after the Stoke game)

Or did Arsenal simply play a fantastic game of football?

Sloppy first half. Pffffttt.

Finickity comments of that nature only really serve ones own personal agenda, a bit like if you won the lottery and then fussed over spending a pound on an extra ticket that was in vain.

Who would honestly give a flying f*ck?


Some people just can’t give it up, and from where I am sitting, it’s sad to see fans, STILL  feeling the need to make such remarks after a five-nothing thrashing and Arsenal’s recent run of good form.

By now, you might be wondering why I’m still going on, beefing about a comment that really shouldn’t have touched the sides considering the subject it was about…but I can’t leave it, because that attitude, that pessimistic view of our club that some people take out of every situation is a really bad thing.

And I really hate that.

But I’m not going to finish on such a dour note.

Arsenal are unbeaten in five. They have some brilliant players back in the squad, with a few more still to return.

We are looking good in the Premiership, the Champions League and the FA Cup, and I for one would love it if we retained that epic trophy.

And we have just beaten Villa by 5 goals to nothing.

So go f*ck your sloppy first half. (And a hearty thanks for providing some inspiration for this latest blog)

Don't be blue - make the world Arsenal!
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